Company srl founded by Alfredo Motta in 1978, operates in the field of mechanics and industrial automation.

We are specialized in the study, design and construction of machinery and automation for the industry.

Our strength is being able to translate the needs of our customers into complete “turnkey” solutions.

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We produce wood and aluminum processing machines.

We have machine tools that allow us to build mechanical parts internally, so we can guarantee a great flexibility and rapidity in response to the needs of our customers.

In addition, a consolidated relationship with trusted suppliers allows us to have everything we produce outside in reasonable time.

Currently we produce the following items:

  • machines for the air conditioning industry
  • machines for the picture frames
  • robotic automations
  • machines for crimping, joining wooden frames for paintings and furniture, manual, pneumatic, electric and automatic with electronic control.
  • machines for cutting wooden, plastic and aluminum parts. Manual or automatic with electronic control.
  • automatic machines for cutting, drilling and inserting bushings in thin-walled aluminum profiles
  • small metal parts
  • molds for blanking and bending of small metal parts.

Visit our Products section srl is internally equipped with a technical office equipped with up-to-date 3D CAD solutions and also makes use of the collaboration of external consultants.

In addition to the standard production of machines for the picture frames sector, we produce prototypes of machines, equipment and automations, robotic automations, developing both the mechanical and electrical / electronic parts, as well as PLC and software programming with the possibility of interfacing with management software and fulfillment of the Industry 4.0 features.

This allows the company to be very flexible and make changes or adaptations quickly.

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