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Automatic Double Miter Saw for Wooden Frames Cutting with Automatic Warehouse

A – Fully Automatic Double Miter Saw for frames cutting

Woodline 7 is an electronically controlled machine, equipped with 2 circular blades (HM Ø 300 ÷ 350) for V-cutting 45 ° + 45 ° of rods for wooden frames or similar materials. It is equipped with a Control Panel with a 12.1“ touch screen color monitor, which allows you an easy setting of the work cycles, a total control of all the parameters and functions of the machine.

Throuhg the Panel, you can set the quantity, the dimensions of the frames to be cut and any measures of recovery of the rod end; the machine will automatically calculate the distribution of cuts on the rod in order to reduce the final production waste. Work cycles can be stored and recalled if necessary.

A linear axis of useful stroke, 4200mm, controlled by a brushless motor, provides for the advancement of the rod for cutting to size. An outfeed conveyor belt provides the pieces discharge. The feeding clamp can get very close to the blades and even to overcome them; in this way the piece that remains at the end of the rod can be cut to a desired size and the rod can be exploited along its entire length, avoiding waste .

The clamp has two opening phases to avoid scratching the rod.

The blades descent movement is powered by a Brushless motor which drives a ball screw. In this way, compared to the traditional pneumatic cylinder, a constantly controlled speed is obtained, a movement perfectly synchronized with the workpiece advancement system and therefore a higher productivity and and an improved cutting quality.

The machine is provided with an optical detection system to eliminate any defects or imperfections of the rods to be cut, previously flagged by the operator with a dedicated marker.

The machine is equipped with an automatic loading warehouse, arranged horizontally, capable of holding up to 30 rods. It is provided with n.3 aisles, each one with n.2 toothed belts equipped with supports for the rods. Thus the distance between the supports can be adjusted according to the width of the bar.

Dimensions of th rods to be worked

  • width                                50 mm
  • height                               40 mm
  • max length                  3500 mm
  • min length min.          1100 mm


The cutting speed is about 600 to 1500 pieces per hour, depending on the descent speed of the blades, the length of the rods and of the pieces to be cut and whether the defects detection system is activated or not.


  • width                                   2925 mm
  • length                                  4210 mm
  • height                                  1603 mm


  • Power Supply                           3.3Kw a 400 V/50 Hz
  • Pneumatic Supply:                  6 bar, consumption about 300 l/min.


B – Unloading and distribution system

Downstream of the Woodline 7 saw, there is a circular warerehouse, equipped with 10 medium containers (250 x 1000 x 250) plus 1 large (250 x 1100 x 250) and 11 small containers (250 x 500 x 250 mm) placed radially.
A double rotating arm with two clamps at the ends, picks up and distributes the output pieces according to their size. Via Control Panel it is possible to choose the location of the cut piece in a given container according to its length.

The clamps raise and lower automatically so the pieces are always drop off close to the bottom of the container when it is empty and close to the pieces below when it begins to fill. Thus ruining the pieces by dropping them from above is avoided. An optical sensor located on the clamp detects the release distance.

The double arm rotation system is controlled by a Brushless motor, the two axes that control the up and down of the grippers are driven by stepper motors and the grippers are pneumatic.

The warehouse is enclosed by a safety guard that limit the access to the double arm area. The containers can be extracted for emptying, without opening the protection screen therefore without stopping the machine. A series of 11 small containers, 10 medium containers and 1 large reserve container, are located in the lower part of the warehouse.

Unloading and distribution system Dimensions

  • width                                 3520 mm
  • length                                3520 mm
  • height                                2000 mm


  • Warehouse Power Supply:             1 Kw 400 V/50 Hz

Dimensions of complete A + B system: feeder, miter saw machine and unloading warehouse


  • width                                9540 mm
  • leght                                  4165 mm
  • height                               2000 mm



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