Picture Frames

Machines for the Frame for Picture sector

  • FOR X2
    Picture Frames

    FOR X2

    FOR X is a fully automatic, numerically controlled machine for the simultaneous assembly of the 4 corners of the wooden frames or similar materials, using steel staples.

    Picture Frames


    Woodline 7 is an electronically controlled machine, equipped with 2 circular blades (HM Ø 300 ÷ 350) for V-cutting 45 ° + 45 ° of rods for wooden frames. Downstream of the Woodline 7 saw, there is a circular warerehouse, where a double rotating arm with two clamps at the ends, picks up and distributes the output pieces according to…

  • Giraganci
    Picture Frames

    Giraganci – Hooks Turner

    Giraganci - Hooks Turner is a machine for the assembly of picture frames with the back panel. It is made of 5 stations: a robotized workstation for fixing the back panel by rotating the appropriate hooks, two manual work stations upstream, other two downstream for storing finished pieces.

  • Picture Frames

    FOR X

    For X is an automatic machine with electronic control for the contemporary assembly of the 4 sides of frames, using steel staples

    Picture Frames


    Electronically controlled Double Miter Saw (Circular Saw Ø 300 ÷ 350mm) for V-cutting 45° + 45° of rods for wooden frames or similar materials.