Picture Frames


For X


For X is an automatic machine with electronic control for the contemporary assembly of the 4 corners of frames, using steel staples. It is equipped with a computer that manages all the functions. It has 7 independent axes, N.6 with Brushless motor and N.1 with a cc motor.
Through a 10.4 “color touch screen control panel, any manual or automatic movement of the machine can be managed and the operation of all the processing phases can be controlled.

For X works quickly, unattended and permits to reduce the production costs, as the operator intervention is limited to loading of the pieces to be processed and the unloading of the finished frames.

The machine is equipped with 2 automated warehouses for the work pieces, with a capacity of about 57 pcs each. When the first one is in the work area, the other one is ready for loading. Once emptied, the machine automatically provides for the interchange, without stopping. In normal operation the capacity of one of the two warehouses has a range of about 7 minutes

The machined pieces are stacked on a trolley. Once full it can be replaced with another. The finished frames are laid one on top of the other and alternately rotated 90°, in this way the stack is more stable and it prevents the staples from scratching the frame below.

The machine has 4 joining stations, each one is provided with a square to support the pieces, an adjustable clamp and the crimping group with its staples feeder with a range of about 2 hours. The the crimping group is driven by a Brushless motor, by control panel you can set and memorize positions and quantity of the staples to be inserted.

For X has two transfers, driven by Brushless motors: the first one take the workpieces to the work area, the second one take the finished frames to the unloading warehouse. The transfers speed is adjustable up to 2 m/s.
So this allow the pieces to be transferred just in fractions of seconds.

With For X changing size is very simple and can be done in few minutes:

  1. manually adjust the position of the crimping stations according to the size of the frames.
  2. adjust the guides of the two warehouses of the pieces to be machined
  3. adjust the loading suction cups position/li>
  4. adjust the unloading suction cups position
  5. adjust the clamps position
  6. enter the staples quantity and positions on the control panel


  • dimensions: length 4100 mm, height 1500 mm , max width 4000 mm
  • weight: 950 Kg
  • max workpieces dimensions: width 40 mm, height 40 mm
  • max picture frames dimensions 400 mm x 500 mm (external)
  • min picture frames dimensions 100 mm x 130 mm (external)
  • Approximate hourly production (with medium-sized frames with 2 staples per corner) about 500 frames per hour.
  • loading warehouses capacity: 57 pcs for each of the 4 sides for each of the 2 warehouses, (15 mm thickness)
  • unloading warehouses capacity: about 50 finished frames (15 mm thickness).
  • power supply: 400 V Three phase + N – 1,5 Kw
  • pneumatic supply: 6 bar pressure, consumption about 400 Nl/min.

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