• Air Conditioning

    JOIN 165.3

    Machine for joining the corners of the frames cut at 45° + 45° of the ventilation grids   Join 165.3 Auto is an automatic machine for the 90 ° junction of aluminum profiles by inserting metal brackets like the one in the figure. Join 165.3 Features: A sheet metal base supports a work surface with a 90 ° square, against…

  • 205-Forx5 & Plastline2
    Picture Frames

    205 FOR-X5 & Plastline2

    The FOR-X5 & Plastline2 is a system for cutting and assembling frames for paintings or mirrors, controlled by an industrial computer that controls 16 axes equipped with Brushless motors, 10 DC servo drives for service movements and various I/O controlled with Ethercat protocol. A graphic monitor with 12″ touch screen allows you to control any manual or automatic movement of…

  • Aluline & Alustep 204
    Air Conditioning


    For large production of ventilation grids Aluline & Alustep 204 – Automatic line for cutting and punching on aluminum profiles   ALULINE & ALUSTEP 204 is an automatic line for the production of ventilation grids frames. Aluline 204 is an Automatic Double Miter Saw for 45°+45° V-cutting on aluminum profiles for ventilation grids frames with horizontal loading warehouse. Connected with…

  • Aluline & Alustep 172
    Air Conditioning


    ALULINE & ALUSTEP 172 is an automatic line for the production of ventilation grids frames. Aluline 172 is a Automatic Double Miter Saw for 45°+45° V-cutting on aluminum profiles, with horizontal loading warehouse. Connecting it with the automatic device Alustep, it can cut frames to size and perform three different kinds of punching shapes and the insertion of plastic bushings.

  • FOR X2
    Picture Frames

    FOR X2

    FOR X is a fully automatic, numerically controlled machine for the simultaneous assembly of the 4 corners of the wooden frames or similar materials, using steel staples.

  • Alubush
    Air Conditioning


    Alubush is a semi-automatic machine for inserting plastic bushings into previously perforated thin-walled aluminum profiles for ventilation grids.

    Picture Frames


    Woodline 7 is an electronically controlled machine, equipped with 2 circular blades (HM Ø 300 ÷ 350) for V-cutting 45 ° + 45 ° of rods for wooden frames. Downstream of the Woodline 7 saw, there is a circular warerehouse, where a double rotating arm with two clamps at the ends, picks up and distributes the output pieces according to…

  • Giraganci
    Picture Frames

    Giraganci – Hooks Turner

    Giraganci - Hooks Turner is a machine for the assembly of picture frames with the back panel. It is made of 5 stations: a robotized workstation for fixing the back panel by rotating the appropriate hooks, two manual work stations upstream, other two downstream for storing finished pieces.

  • Aluline & Alustep
    Air Conditioning


    ALULINE & ALUSTEP is an automatic line for the production of ventilation grids frames, it combines ALULINE Automatic Double Miter Saw with a vertical loading warehouse and the device for punching and inserting bushings ALUSTEP.

  • Picture Frames

    FOR X

    For X is an automatic machine with electronic control for the contemporary assembly of the 4 sides of frames, using steel staples

    Picture Frames


    Electronically controlled Double Miter Saw (Circular Saw Ø 300 ÷ 350mm) for V-cutting 45° + 45° of rods for wooden frames or similar materials.

  • Aluline
    Air Conditioning


    ALULINE Automatic Double Miter Saw is an electronic control machine, equipped with two circular blades (HM ø 300-350) for the 45° + 45° V-cutting of thin-walled aluminum profiles