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Semi-automatic machine for the insertion of plastic bushings in the aluminum profiles of the frames of the ventilation grids

Alubush is a semi-automatic machine for inserting plastic bushings into previously perforated thin-walled aluminum profiles  for ventilation grids. (See pic.1)


The machine is equipped with a touch screen control panel where the operator can set the number of holes, the pitch and all the parameters necessary for operation.

How to use: Insert the profile on a shaped support base, activate the foot control and the machine will place the plastic bushings in the holes and move step by step as programmed. The working speed is about N.2 bushes / sec.

The machine is furnished with an interchangeable base for each kind of workpiece to be machined that has different holes.

Alubush consists of:

a –  A transfer system for the step advancement, according to what is programmed, of the aluminum profile provided by a linear module controlled by a Brushless motor.

b –  A vibrating container makes the selection and the distribution of the plastic bushes. The vibration frequency can be adjusted by a knob.

c –  A Bushing Insertion Unit consisting of a punch, driven by a pneumatic cylinder, plants the bushes in the holes. The cylinder can only move when the fiber optic sensor has detected the presence of a bushing in its housing.

d –  An electrical panel and a control panel: a 5.7 ” touch screen panel allows you to easily set up all the operating parameters, the manual control of the outputs, inputs check, start / stop and the automatic operations.


Weight:                                    220 kg

Dimensions:                           length 2570mm, height 1550 mm, width 1400 mm

Power Supply:                        220 V – 50 Hz single phase; 0.6Kw

Air Supply:                               pressure 6 bar; consumption 4.4 nl / cycle, about 560 nl / min.

Workpieces Dimensions      Aluminum “L” profiles, thickness 1 mm, long side 30-50 mm, short side 22-28 mm. Maximum length of the piece 1200 mm, minimum length 75 mm (internal dimension)

Produzione oraria:               depending on the length of the pieces, from 120 pcs / hour of L = 1200 (59 holes) mm to 720 pcs / hour L = 180 mm (8 holes)

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