Picture Frames


Automatic Double Miter Saw for Picture frames

Two-axes machine for the automatic cutting of wooden frames


Electronically controlled Double Miter Saw (Circular Saw Ø 300 ÷ 350mm) for V-cutting 45° + 45° of rods for wooden frames or similar materials. Equipped with a computer with color monitor, 12 “touch screen type, which allows you an easy setting of the work cycles and a total control of all the parameters and functions of the machine.

Through the control panel, it is possible to set the number and dimensions of the frames to be cut and any recovery measures; the machine will automatically calculate the distribution of cuts on the rod in order to reduce the final production waste. Work cycles can be stored and recalled if necessary.

The machine is provided with an automated warehouse that can hold up to 20 rods, it is equipped with the necessary devices to correctly maintain the bars. Min. Length of the rod 1200 mm., max 3500 mm.

A linear axis, 3300mm of useful stroke, controlled by a brushless motor, provides for the advancement of the rod for cutting to size. An unloading axis, also driven by a Brushless motor, extracts the cut pieces, it transports them to the output magazine and it provides a “relay cut” later described. The warehouse is able to complete the useful pieces, based on the length, on 11 shelves of the storage trolley. The twelfth shelf is reserved for scrap pieces. Each shelf has removable trays for unloading the pieces.

On request, an optical detection system can be provided for the elimination of possible defects or imperfections of the rods to be cut, previously highlighted by the operator with a dedicated marker.

Woodline lets you solve every problem related to the cutting of large series of rods, ensuring:

  • cutting speed
  • precision of the pieces length
  • optimization of the rod cutting
  • recovery of the rod end piece
  • operator safety, whose tasks are reduced to the loading of the warehouse and to the unloading of the cut pieces
  • discard the rod defects


The use of the machine is very simple. Through the panel it is possible to choose the type of program to execute between: “Short / long cut” and “Cutting Plan”

  1. “Short / long cut” : you set two measures, one of the long side and the other of the short one of the frame, plus other 5 optional measures called recovery measures, which are those measures that can be cut when it is no longer possible to obtain a long or a short piece but which may result useful for further productions.
  2.  “Cutting Plan”: you fill a table in the specific work window indicating a maximum of 11 measures to be produced. The machine, once measured the length of the rod, automatically calculates which pieces will be cut. It will give precedence to the larger sizes and then moving on to the smaller ones until no piece can be obtained in the remaining part of the rod.

The “relay cut” is a special mode to optimize the entire rod and not to have to waste the end part. The rod is passed from the loading clamp to the unloading one which will provide for positioning for cutting to the desired size.

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