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For large production of ventilation grids

ALULINE & ALUSTEP is an automatic line for the production of ventilation grids frames, it combines ALULINE Automatic Double Miter Saw e the device for punching and inserting bushings ALUSTEP.


ALULINE Automatic Double Miter Saw is an electronic control machine, with a vertical loading warehouse, which does not require large areas, it is equipped with two circular blades (HM ø 300-350) for the 45° + 45° V-cutting of thin-walled aluminum profiles.

A linear axis, 3765mm of useful stroke, controlled by a brushless motor, provides for the advancement of the rod for cutting to size. The loading clamp is equipped with the devices necessary to correctly maintain the profiles. An unloading axis, also driven by a Brushless motor, extracts the cut pieces, it transports them to the output conveyor tray and it provides the “relay cut” later described. The unloading clamp is equipped with the devices necessary to correctly maintain the profiles.

The miter saw is equipped with two circular blades of Ø300 or Ø350 that rotate at 4000 rpm and move vertically cutting the rod. The rotation movement is powered by two engines of 2.0 kw of power at 2800 rpm. A pneumatic cylinder (diameter 80mm and a stroke of 275mm) performs the vertical movement. The machine is equipped with vertical, horizontal pneumatic clamp and a system of interchangeable supports suitable for the profiles to be cut. All the pipes are protected with metal mesh sheaths to prevent accidental projection of scraps and pieces of aluminum from damaging them.

The machine is provided with adjustable coolant sprays (one for each blade).

Aluline is equipped with an industrial PC with 12 “color touch screen monitor that allows an easy setting of the work cycles and a total control of all the parameters and functions of the machine and data entry: quantity, length and type of the pieces to be cut.

Aluline lets you solve every problem related to the cutting of large series of rods, ensuring:

  • cutting speed;
  • precision of the pieces length;
  • recovery of the rod end piece using the “third measure” pieces the “relay cut”, later described
  • operator safety, whose tasks are reduced to the loading of the warehouse and to the unloading of the cut pieces


The use of the machine is very simple.
Set the length of 4 pieces and their quantity: the pieces will be cut from shorter to longer depending on the remaining length of the rod. If necessary the machine will automatically insert in the cut list the so-called “third measure” pieces that are recovery measures, useful for production, in order to minimize the rod waste.

The ”relay cut” is a special mode to optimize the entire rod and not to have to waste the end part. The rod is passed from the loading clamp to the unloading one which will provide for positioning for cutting to the desired size.
The “third measure” pieces are pieces of different settable useful lengths which the machine may automatically choose to cut in order to minimize the rod waste.


Weight: 820 kg

Dimensions: Width 1320mm length 6650mm height2150mm.

Power Supply: 380/220 V three-phase; 4.5kw

Pneumatic Supply: 6 bar pressure; consumption 25 nl/cycle and about 500 nl/min.

Tools: circular Saws diameter 300mm or 350mm (arbor size 32mm) rotation speed 3600 rpm

Cutting Dimensions: max width 45mm max height 56mm cut piece max length 1200mm

Hourly Production: about 400-1200 cut per hour (depending on the dimensions of the rods, the length of the pieces to cut and the descent speed of the blades).


ALUSTEP is an electronic control device, for punching and inserting plastic bushings on thin-walled aluminum profiles, previously cut at 45° + 45°, taken at the output of the Automatic Double Miter Saw Aluline.


  1. a movement system for gripping, orientating and shifting the pieces coming out of Aluline
  2. a Punching Unit
  3. a Bushing Insertion Unit
  4. a three position conveyor tray to select and send the workpieces into three different zones
  5. an Electrical Panel and a Control Panel with a 10” Touch Screen Color Monitor for settings and controls.

a – the movement system consists of 3 phases:

1a – Transfer 1 takes the piece from the unloading axis, it moves it away from the Miter Saw machine and moves it close to transfer 2 through a system of clamps and pneumatic slides.

2a – Transfer 2 rotates the piece by the 90 degrees necessary for punching and inserting bushes and it shifts it longitudinally until it is close to Transfer 3. Theese movements are performed through a system of clamps, rotating cylinders and pneumatic cylinder without rod.

3a – Transfer 3 takes the piece with a system of suction cups, mounted on two controlled electric axis, orthogonal to each other, allowing accurate positioning under the work stations and step advancement, as programmed.

In order to optimize and reduce transfer times from one phase to the other, the pieces can be stationed in each of the transfer systems until the one downstream is freed. The cut pieces that do not require further processing come out of the bypass tray.

b- The punching unit is equipped with a pneumatic press with a steel structure, suitable for making a hole with a maximum diameter of 10 mm, on sheet metal and profiles with a maximum thickness of 3 mm. The unit is complete with a punch holder cylinder, inside which there are springs for extraction; the die is of such a height that it is possible to machine L-shaped profiles. The unit is equipped with a pneumatic cylinder with a bore of 125 mm and allows to perform a punch in about 0.2 seconds on the long side of the L-profile up to 8 mm from the joint with the short side. A sensor detects the return of the cylinder in the high position.

c – The Bushing insertion unit is equipped with a vibrator which distributes the plastic bushings and orders them on a firing channel where a pneumatic cylinder provides insertion into the profile holes. This Unit is positioned about 200 mm from the Punching Station, it is feeded by Transfer 3 and automatically activated as soon as a hole in the correct position is detected.

The function of punching and bushings insertion can take place simultaneously on the same piece, allowing to reduce the processing time by half

d – The 10″ touch screen control panel allows you to easily set up all the operating parameters, manual control of the outputs, inputs check, start / stop and the automatic operation in cascade with the Aluline Miter Saw.


Weight: 220 kg

Dimensions: length 3470mm, height 1550 mm, width 1600 mm

Power Supply: 380/220 V trifase; 0.7Kw with a pneumatic press ; 3,3 Kw hydraulic press version

Pneumatic Supply: pressure 6 bar; consumption 4,4 nl/cycle and about 560 nl/min.

Workpieces Dimensions: Aluminum L-profile, thickness 1 mm; long side 30-50 mm; short side 22-28 mm. Piece max length 1200 mm; min length 75 mm (internal

Hourly Production: depending on pieces dimensions and the number of holes to be performed, from 150 pcs/h of Length=1200 mm to 800 pcs/h Length=200 mm


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Aluline & AlustepAluline & AlustepAluline & AlustepAluline & AlustepAluline & AlustepAluline & AlustepAluline & AlustepAluline & AlustepAluline & Alustep